Inspection Pricing

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Our fee structure for inspections is usually based upon the size of the house. We have established a flat fee for the first 1000 square feet and an additional fee for each additional 500 square feet.   You may find other inspectors that charge less, but you won’t find other inspectors that are better.  You are about to make one of the largest investment decisions in your life.  When you consider that an inspection usually costs about 1/10 of 1 per cent of the purchase price of your home, this is a low cost/high value service that can help you be more comfortable that you are making a wise choice.  This is not the time to try to save a few dollars with lower quality service.
Remember, when you are looking for a doctor, you don't try to find the cheapest, you try to find the best!
Also, as a convenience to you, we gladly accept Checks,VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.
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We have competitive rates for all our tests.  Some tests are done at a reduced rate if completed in conjuction with an inspection.
Please call for a quote on buyer, seller, investor, renter and 5-Point inspections.
We can also discuss our fees for any additional testing you may desire.
**  Please note that all fees are due at time of inspection.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 
Please contact usif we can be of service or if you have any questions.